Gut microbiota of wild arboreal and ground-feeding tropical primates

2020-03-25T04:58:42Z (GMT) by Barelli, Claudia Albanese, Davide

16S rRNA gene and ITS sequences from fecal samples of 12 groups of Udzungwa (Tanzania) red colobus Procolobus gordonorum (total number of samples: 89), and five groups of yellow baboon Papio cynocephalus (total number of samples: 69).

The dataset consists of the following files:

  • 16S_raw.tar: raw 16S rRNA gene sequences;
  • 16S_filtered.fasta.gz: merged, adapter trimmed and quality filtered 16S rRNA gene sequences;
  • 16S_ID.txt: 16S file ID to sample ID mapping;
  • ITS_raw.tar: raw ITS sequences;
  • ITS_filtered.fasta.gz: merged, adapter trimmed and quality filtered ITS sequences;
  • ITS_ID.txt: ITS file ID to sample ID mapping;
  • Metadata.tsv: sample metadata.