How to publish Open Access in the earth sciences

2020-01-12T17:07:18Z (GMT) by Hübner, Andreas Nölte, Britta

Open Access to scientific literature and research data has significant advantages for researchers as well as for society as a whole. Researchers might gain from increased citation rates and from higher visibility of their research outputs, while researchers as well as the public benefit from a better accessibility of scientific literature and data. Increasingly, funding organisations such as the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020-funded projects or the 16 national and international members of “Plan S” demand that publications that result from projects funded by them are made openly accessible.

This poster outlines the different ways of publishing text and data in Open Access. After a brief overview of reasons for publishing Open Access, it offers an introduction into what researchers need to do in order to publish Open Access. Topics include different routes for publishing texts in Open Access (in Open-Access-Journals or self-archiving) and how to find a research data repository.