La fenomenologia e i molteplici sensi della crisi. Dalla crisi dei fondamenti alla crisi dell'umanità europea

2018-03-15T04:49:23Z (GMT) by Fausto Fraisopi

In his work and during his life, from the Philosophy of Arithmetic to the Krisis of European Sciences and even beyond, Husserl fight constantly against a certain « crisis » and settle Phenomenology as answer to the forms of crisis that step by step he focuses as critical moments of our civilization. But the meaning of “crisis” is manifold, can be viewed from different perspectives and assessed by different forms, in continuity or incremental to each other. The evolution of the idea of « crisis » let us finally sketch the dynamic and speculative evolution of Phenomenology itself and its standing critical self-interpretation. In our paper, we will explain and focus the different meanings of “crisis” in Phenomenology in order to understand its evolution and the intrinsic continuity between the project of the Logical Investigations (where Phenomenology is presented as a new form of Mathesis universalis) and the late period, in which Phenomenology itself is presented as an Hyper-Rationalism with a well defined role in the History of Europe and of the Mankind.