Les Réalités de l'Accès Ouvert: Comment les préjugés empêchent la transition vers un nouveau système d'édition scientifique

2018-05-24T06:54:57Z (GMT) by Olijhoek, Tom

Open access has grown enormously in he last 5 years and already 30% of  all english language  STM papers is published in open access. Making open access the default publishing method however is hampered by a set of common misbeliefs especially the idea that open access is low quality science,  is too expensive, it is too difficult to convert existing journals to open access, there are no good business models and others.This paper explains the realities of open access that defy many of the reasons why many scientists and universities are still reluctant to fully support open access, especially in the global south. We will show that many of these prevailing  ideas on open access are false and are not based on facts. We will also show how better information, a change in mindset and new  policies by governments and funding bodies can make open access a reality also for scientists from the global south in the next 5 years




CC BY 4.0