Linking Mathematical Software in Web Archives

The Web is our primary source of all kinds of information today, including software as well as associated materials, such as source code, documentation, related publications and change logs. Our recent analysis has shown a considerable temporal correlation between the number software references in scientific articles and links to the corresponding websites. We found that around 60% of all software webpages link to documentation and another 50% even contain artifacts of the actual software. As software is dynamic, just like the Web, it is crucial to preserve the websites of software as well as linked materials on the Web to capture a software’s state over time. A Web a rchiving infrastructure tailored to this purpose, with can support comprehensible referencing mathematical software in scientific publications. As a first step, already published articles can be addressed by integrating existing Web archives with software directories, such as swMATH. We found that around 40% of the software websites linked in swMATH also exist in a Web archive, which can be linked based on the publication dates of corresponding articles. In our talk, we will present the potential of Web archives for the scientific software management process and showcase current efforts, open challenges as well as what is remaining for future work.




CC BY-SA 4.0