2018-05-04T04:58:40Z (GMT) by Sonika C. Rath Vandana S. Inamdar

Telemedicine is a well-known application where enormous amount of medical data need to be securely transferred over the public network and manipulate effectively. Medical image watermarking is an appropriate method used for enhancing security and authentication of medical data, which is crucial and used for further diagnosis and reference. This project focuses on the study of medical image watermarking methods for protecting and authenticating medical data. Additionally, it covers algorithm for application of water marking technique on Region of Non Interest (RONI) of the medical image preserving Region of Interest (ROI). The medical images can be transferred securely by embedding watermarks in RONI allowing verification of the legitimate changes at the receiving end without affecting ROI. Segmentation plays an important role in medical image processing for separating the ROI from medical image. The proposed system separate the ROI from medical image by GUI based approach, which works for all types of medical images. The experimental results show the satisfactory performance of the system to authenticate the medical images preserving ROI