Micro-Laue diffraction data used in the publication 'Dislocation density distribution at slip band-grain boundary intersections'

2019-12-26T14:18:00Z (GMT) by Yi Guo Ben Britton

The Ti-Bi.xml file is an indexed data set from a differential aperture X-ray micro-Laue diffraction experiment at beamline 34-ID-E, Advanced Photon Source, USA. To obtain strain and rotation field the data need to be feed into LaueGo as specified in https://www.aps.anl.gov/Science/Scientific-Software/LaueGo

The GND_data_Zenodo.mat is a Matlab file containing the rotation fields and GND density results. The data structure is explained below:

GND_rho_2D and GND_rho_3D are the density of the 33 types of dislocations for all 31 slices of data. Each slice is a 4462x33 matrix where the columns are 33 types of dislocations specified in 'sliplabels'. Each columns has 4462 points giving rise to the 194x23 pixel size image of each slice of data.

GND_total_2D and GND_total_3D are the total dislocation density maps in 2D and 3D. Each cell is a slice of the 3D data with 194x23 pixels.

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