New Detection Techniques — Advanced Scintillator Detectors

2018-06-12T04:56:08Z (GMT) by Wurm, Michael
While liquid-scintillator detectors have been commonly known for their virtues in the detection of low-energy neutrinos, they have been assumed to be limited to MeV neutrino energies based on their lack of directional and track reconstruction capabilities.
However, recent years have seen a rapid development of advanced detection concepts and novel reconstruction methods that greatly enhance directional event reconstruction and the resolution of complex event topologies in scintillator targets. This talk will review a selection of advanced scintillator detector concepts and their scientific potential in low-energy neutrino observation and long-baseline oscillation physics: Water-based liquid scintillators combined with fast light sensors that offer the potential to distinguish Cherenkov from scintillation photons; doped scintillators with enhanced neutrino detection capabilities; new ideas on optical imaging of scintillation events; and segmented detectors for fine-grained event resolution.