Nonhuman Primate Reaching with Multichannel Sensorimotor Cortex Electrophysiology: broadband for indy_20160927_06

This dataset supplements .

General description. These data consist of extracellular neural recordings ("broadband") from primate subject "Indy", session identifier "indy_20160927_06".

Filtering. The data are sampled at 24414.0625 Hz and are unfiltered, except for an anti-aliasing filter built-in to the recording amplifier: a 4th order low-pass with a roll-off of 24 dB per octave at 7.5 kHz, operating at the sampling rate.

File format. The data are contained in an HDF5 formatted file, organized according to the Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) version 1.0.6 specification.

Datasets. A few of the relevant dataset paths are listed here for convenience. In the below, n refers to the number of recording channels and k refers to the number of samples.

  • "/acquisition/timeseries/broadband/data" - k x n
    • The broadband neural recordings.
  • "/acquisition/timeseries/broadband/data/conversion" (scalar attribute)
    • When multiplied by each sample converts the data into units of volts.
  • "/acquisition/timeseries/broadband/timestamps" - k x 1
    • Timestamps for each sample, seconds.
  • "/general/extracellular_ephys/electrode_map" - n x 3
    • The relative coordinates of each electrode contact (x, y, z), meters.

Please refer to the master dataset for further information.