PLATE I in A new species of Archilestes from Mexico (Odonata: Lestinae)

2019-07-31T13:52:01Z (GMT) by Gloyd, Leonora K.
PLATE I Archilestes regalis, new species, holotype male FIGS1-. 2. Color pattern of the pterothorax. The intermediately shaded dark arcas of the uppcr part represent the metallic green color. FIGS.3-4. Basal part of front and hind wings. FIGS.5-6. Ventrolateral view of second abdominal segment showing position of posterior hamules and (Fig. 6) the right hamule greatly enlarged. FIGS.7-9. Abdominal appendages in dorsal, lateral, and ventral views. The drawings are by Miss Grace Eager, Museum artist.