PLATE X. Fig. 1 in New genera and species from the Belly River Series (mid-Cretaceous)

2019-07-31T09:08:26Z (GMT) by Lambe L. M.
PLATE X. Fig. 1. Trachodon (Pteropelyx) marginatus, Lambe, left pubis, external view; one-third the natural size. (Provisionally associated with T. marginatus). Page 74. Fig. Ê. Trachodon (Pteropelyx) marginatus, left ischium, external view, " one-fifth the natural size. (Provisionaily associated with marginatus). Page 75. i, iliac facet; b, acetabular border; g, ischiac facet; ÍL, postpubic process; p, pubic facet; pp, postpubie facet; j, flange.