Phenological time lapse images from ground camera MC101 in Tammela Spruce stand (2014-2016)

This dataset contains phenological time lapse images from camera Tammela Spruce stand. Camera was mounted at ground view level at location 60.64598306; 23.80650111(N;E, WGS84). Images were taken between 31.03.2014--31.12.2016.
Cameras were set to fix white balance, brightness automatically adjusted by camera.Image have equal resolution throughout the time series, time indicated in UTC+2. Images are taken half-hourly during fixed day-time period over the year. Gaps in time series and dark images possibly exist.
More details on the camera installations and operation history can be found at 10.5281/zenodo.777952
The cameras were set up and images collected under EU Life+ (LIFE ENV/FI/000409) Monimet project,
For further information contact Mikko Peltoniemi (