Photonics4All Bookmark UV Light (German)

2018-05-27T12:46:51Z (GMT) by Dr. Adam, Aurèle

The purpose of the bookmarks for the project Photonics4All is to increase the public awareness of photonics and especially of the technological advances of photonics which have changed and improved everyday life (basic technology introduction).

How UV light can fight Ebola?

UV light has been used for decades to disinfect air and water. Some parts of UV light are dangerous for our skin, but if well-managed UV is safe to use.
Recently, new types of light sources are producing UV light powers 25,000 times more intense than produced by the sun. These new light sources make it faster to kill a wider range of germs, and light is currently being used to eradicate the Ebola virus on both medical instruments and furniture in some hospitals.
All thanks to the progress in Photonics.




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