Post-processing scripts used in Luyssaert et al

2018-06-07T04:59:09Z (GMT) by Guillaume Marie Sebastiaan Luyssaert

The scripts describe the post-processing of ORCHIDEE output files:

(1) Figures_Luyssaert_et_al.R contains the code to make all data-based figures in Luyssaert et al. 
(2) Library_optimisation_Luyssaert_et_al.R contains a library of scripts that are used in Optimisation_Luyssaert_et_al.R
(3) contains the code to calculate the life cycle sinks, sources and emissions of the forestry sector based on the wood harvest simulated by ORCHIDEE. 
(4) Optimisation_Luyssaert_et_al.R contains to code to compile a spatially-explicit forest management portfolio by searching for the best performing forest management scenario for each pixel given the objective of portfolio