PsPM-TC: SCR, ECG, EMG and respiration measurements in a discriminant trace fear conditioning task with visual CS and electrical US.

This dataset includes skin conductance response (SCR), electrocardiogram (ECG) and respiration measurements. Also included are CS and US information, keypress responses and keypress response times from 18 healthy unmedicated participants (8 males and 10 females aged 23.89+/-2.52 years) participating in a classical (Pavlovian) discriminant trace fear conditioning task. CS were a red and a blue rectangle presented for 3 seconds. US consisted of 0.5 s square electric pulses with 0.2 ms duration and 10 Hz frequency. SOA between the CS onset and US was 4 s. The ITI was randomly determined on each trial to be 7, 9, or 11 s.