Quail: A Python toolbox for analyzing free recall experiments and plotting the results

Quail is a Python package that facilitates analyses of behavioral data from memory experiments. (The current focus is on free recall experiments.) Key features include:

  • Serial position curves (probability of recalling items presented at each presentation position)
  • Probability of Nth recall curves (probability of recalling items at each presentation position as the Nth recall in the recall sequence)
  • Lag-Conditional Response Probability curves (probability of transitioning between items in the recall sequence, as a function of their relative presentation positions)
  • Clustering metrics (e.g. single-number summaries of how often participants transition from recalling a word to another related word, where "related" can be user-defined.)
  • Many nice plotting functions
  • Convenience functions for loading in data
  • Automatically parse speech data (audio files) using wrappers for the Google Cloud Speech to Text API