Quale fondazione per la politica europea? Il bene, il potere e l'impolitico a partire da Roberto Esposito

2018-03-15T04:49:36Z (GMT) by Diego D'Angelo

The present contribution tackles the question of which kind of philosophy is apt to thinking contemporary Europe. In order to thematize this problem, the philosophy of Roberto Esposito is analyzed in detail. The central idea of the paper is that contemporary politics cannot be founded upon classical metaphysical instances, such as God, a teleological structur (as in communism), or some other moral good. The foundation of contemporary politics must rely in politics itself. Esposito’s philosophy of the “impolitico” can help us in thiking this. Following his path, we claim that Europe is to be conceived as a political structure that has its origin in its own “outside”: Europe must take responsibility for its constitutive lack of identity, for its own fragility. In this fragility and in the community of death lies the potential for an immanent foundation of European politics.