REM - automatic for the people : a short story of a small telescope

2019-06-14T04:54:44Z (GMT) by Molinari, Emilio
Since 2003 the small robotic telescope REM is working on the hill of la Silla. Born for fast follow up of GRB it helped astronomers to catch non only first onset of the optical afterglow, but also the first hight frequency time domain thanks to its ads-on Tortora. Its life support has been since then assured by a small task force of travelling astronomers and the vital support by the ESO technical team on the mountain. Thus REM continued its contribution to various fields, monitoring AGNs, blazars, pulsating stars, exoplanets... Lately, the small robotic telescope was also able to catch the blue light of the kilonova resulted from a double neutron star merging, the 2017 gravitational wave optical counterpart.