Revealing Hidden Figures in STEM: Using Displays for Engagement

2018-06-12T23:43:39Z (GMT) by Pettway Unno, Zoe Russell, Bree

This work was presented at AAAS Pacific Division Annual Meeting 2017 in Waimea, HI. Science and engineering libraries provide information sources that are useful beyond the core disciplines served. Libraries can engage the campus community through the creation of exhibits that invite visitors to explore a STEM topic in an accessible format that connects library resources to broad appeal topics. Current popular culture and science-related events served as inspiration for the science librarian and library staff to create rotating displays – physical and online – to inform library visitors about the chosen topic. The displays provide context for users to understand the science behind the stories that they see told in the popular culture and the media and are created to encourage visitors to think critically about the science they see represented. This presentation will include examples of past exhibits with a discussion of techniques used to assess user engagement; sources of inspiration for displays; and how to incorporate faculty work and related campus programs into the displays. The presenter will include a discussion of the implications of increasing scientific understanding in the general population, as the decisions people make require an expanded level of science literacy.