S0 | SUSDAT | Merged NORMAN Suspect List: SusDat

This is the collection associated with list S0 SUSDAT on the NORMAN Suspect List Exchange.

UPDATED October 27, 2019 with October 22 version.

https://www.norman-network.com/nds/SLE/ and https://www.norman-network.com/nds/susdat/

S0 SUSDAT Merged NORMAN Suspect List: SusDat

Interactive Data table (csv of latest version included in dataset here)

susdat_2019-10-22-update4 XLSX and CSV versions are the original files

NORMANSusDat_22Oct2019.csv  is the corresponding MetFrag local CSV file

The InChIKey and DTXSID files support suspect screening via MetFrag and CompTox (https://comptox.epa.gov/dashboard/chemical_lists/susdat)

A merged list of >68,000 structures from suspect lists. See interactive version. Compiled by Reza Aalizadeh, University of Athens, including RTI and toxicity values, support by Nikiforos Alygizakis, EI. Work in progress ... please report any issues!