SMART-Plant project flyer (H2020)

2018-05-26T12:31:56Z (GMT) by SMART-Plant Consortium

Scale-up of low-carbon footprint MAterial Recovery Techniques in existing wastewater treatment PLANTs

SMART-plant aims to support the water sector to improve and ensure environmental protection, become more adaptive, and respond to contemporary environmental and societal challenges by introducing innovative technological solutions, moving towards resource recovery approaches in wastewater management.

SMART-plant will scale-up and demonstrate eco-innovative solutions to upgrade existing WWTPs. Nine pilot low-carbon footprint systems will be applied in the real environment, in five different wastewater treatment plants with the aim of optimizing wastewater treatment, resource recovery, energy-efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through these processes, a comprehensive portfolio comprising of biopolymers, cellulose, fertilizers and intermediates will be recovered and processed up to the final commercial end products.

The SMART-Plant project promotes the energy efficient wastewater resource recovery concept, through the technology platform developed within existing plants to eventually prompt the development of new products and business opportunities.

Global market deployment will be achieved as the right fit solution for water utilities and relevant industrial stakeholders, considering the strategic implications of the resource recovery paradigm in case of both public and private water management. New public-private partnership models will be explored connecting the water sector to the chemical industry and its downstream segments such as the construction and agricultural sector, thus generating new opportunities for funding, as well as potential public-private competition.






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