Socio-economic survey results

Task 7.1 from WP7 required of the collection of socio-economic data from the implementation phase of the pilot measures in the 11 pilot cases in order to assess both impacts. An online survey was distributed among all stakeholders involved in the implementation of measures. With the exception of several open questions, most of the questions had a pre-defined range of answers. Questions were addressed to both management and staff levels. The dataset includes data relate to the following aspects:

1. Social data

  • Gender
  • Position in organization (management/staff)
  • Work hours
  • Workers
  • Job satisfaction
  • Training
  • Acceptance
  • Complaints from staff and tourists
  • Awareness potential perception
  • Willingness to adopt further actions
  • Gender impact perception on various aspects


2. Economic data

  • Labor costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Material costs
  • Economic savings


The results of the data served as support for the evaluation of the socio-economic and gender impacts included in D7.1 of URBAN-WASTE.