Software for National Risk Assessment Activities

It is a web application for tracking national risk assessment activities. The web application has three modules: one for visualization of the data, one for editing risk assessment activities and one for managing purposes. Functionalities of the edit module are set according the type of user that has logged into the web application. There are three user types: (1) EFSA Manager, able to add/edit records from all countries; (2) Focal Point, able to add/edit records from its own country; (3) EFSA Read-Only User, not able to edit/add any records only to visualize the existing information. The visualization module is accessible by all users with the same functionalities. A database is set up based on historical data, allowing real-time updates of the data and secure editing by multiple users simultaneously. Similarly, a database for all country-specific organisations is created. The application contain also graphical visualization of various types, including bar plots, trend plots and Directed Acyclic Graphs representing networking/collaboration activities between organizations and countries.