The CESSDA Vocabulary Service: A New State-of-the-Art Tool for Creating and Publishing Controlled Terms Lists

2019-07-08T23:31:09Z (GMT) by Ionescu, Sanda Jääskeläinen, Taina

The DDI Alliance has been creating and publishing its own controlled vocabularies since 2005. These are targeted for specific DDI classes, but are external to DDI and may be used with other metadata standards.

In its new core metadata model, CESSDA recommends the use of DDI controlled vocabularies where available, as well as the creation of new lists, as needed. To support this effort, CESSDA has financed the development of a state-of-the-art tool that facilitates the creation, translation and publication of controlled vocabularies and automates a significant part of the process. The tool is now in its final testing phase and is scheduled to go live this spring.

Our poster will introduce this new web-based tool in the context of our ongoing controlled vocabularies work and will highlight some of its most prominent features, such as cross-vocabulary searches, group sharing and editing, support for multiple language translations, automated versioning, one-click publishing, and multi-format downloads.