The Emo-T™ Global Wall: Design and emotion or emotion-led design?

2019-04-08T04:54:19Z (GMT) by Flory, Melanie Ivanova, Ninela

Human beings are emotional creatures. It’s logical therefore that a major aspect of design thinking, planning and development is geared toward provoking emotion, speculation,reflection, and influencing choices and actions.

Rooted in the neuroscience of emotion, the Emo-T™ Global Wall is a project that flips the design-to-provoke-emotion concept, to emotion-inspired design. The aim is to stimulate, engage and activate the creative instinct whilst deliberately engaging with specific positive emotions.

Simple but effective in design and instruction, children and adults engage with emotions they would like to experience, understand, or cultivate and develop. Having conjured a positive emotion with deliberate intent, they design a T-shirt that becomes a practice in mindfulness-related emotion processing. A 28-day participation period is recommended.

It is our intention to build a global wall of a million Emo-Ts which will become a design portfolio that demonstrates the emotion-design loop and an artistic global platform for education and training of the future relating to development of personal emotion-architecture.