The Fundamentals Regarding the Usage of the Concept of Interface for the Modeling of the Software Artefacts-Figure 2. The UML representation of the artefact as it exists as a metaphor

2019-07-29T07:25:00Z (GMT) by Dorin Bocu Razvan Bocu

The accumulation of energy that exists in each ingenious metaphor is progressively released, thus contributing to the transformation of a theoretical promise into effective reality. The artefact successively goes through several maturation stages, as the creator is preoccupied with obtaining an as precise and as close as possible description of the artefact as it exists as a metaphor. The completion of these successive stages is achieved through a methodic abstraction process, while leaving open the possibility to innovate and  targeting three main objectives: — broadening the abstraction scope; — adding new details; — detecting and eliminating abstraction errors.