The Nature and Orbit of the Ophiuchus Stream

The *_chain.txt files contain Markov chains that model the line-of-sight
velocity (RV_chains.txt), color-magnitude diagram (CMD_chains.txt), and
proper motion and the extent of the Ophiuchus stellar stream (PM_chains.txt). By randomly selecting rows from these files, one can sample the corresponding probability density functions.The columns in each file are briefly described below.


    column 1: line-of-sight velocity at {ell}_0=5deg,
    column 2: gradient in line-of-sight velocity, d(v_los)/d({ell})
    column 3: additional scatter in line-of-sight velocities, s

    column 1: age, t
    column 2: mass-loss parameter, eta
    column 3: metallicity content, Z
    column 4: offset in reddening with respect to the Schlegel et al. (1998)
              [1998ApJ...500..525S] reddening, (E(B-V)_off)
    column 5: distance modulus at {ell}_0=5deg,
    column 6: gradient distance modulus, d(DM)/d({ell})
    columns 7-11: uncertainty in isochrone magnitudes, {sigma}_iso_m,
              where m=[g,r,i,z,y,]

    column 1: fraction of stars associated with the field population, 1-f
    column 2: natural logarithm of the width of the stream in the
              galactic latitude direction, ln({sigma}_b)
    column 3: natural logarithm of the width of the field population in the
              galactic latitude direction, ln({sigma}_p_b)
    column 4: A_p
    column 5: B_p
    column 6: ln({sigma}_pm)
    column 7: ln({sigma}_p_pm)
    column 8: <{mu}_{ell}>
    column 9: d({mu}_{ell})/d({ell})
    column 10: <{mu}_b>
    column 11: d({mu}_b)/d({ell})
    column 12: <{mu}_p_{ell}>
    column 13: d({mu}_p_{ell})/d({ell})
    column 14: <{mu}_p_b>
    column 15: d({mu}_p_b)/d({ell})
    column 16: {ell}_min
    column 17: {ell}_max
    column 18: A
    column 19: B
    column 20: C