The Role of the World Bank in Financing Tuberculosis Control- Dataset

2019-06-14T04:57:42Z (GMT) by Rahi, Manveer

The completed dataset for the World Bank's financing of TB control initiatives from 1986-2017 (coded_questionnaire.csv). This is accompanied by the variable description guide (Glossary and Variable Description Guide.pdf). 

Co-financiers_database.csv is the data used in the analysis of co-financing of World Bank tuberculosis projects. 

IHME_DAH_DATABASE 24-10-17.csv is the data used in the analysis of Development Assitance for Health and Tuberculosis.

World Bank and TB.R is the source code used to encode and analyse all of the above data. Data analysis on R version 3.4.3.

Extended Data.pdf is the supplementary data for publication.