The Turing Way: A guide for reproducible data science

Presentation of the Turing Way at the Tools, practices and systems for data science and artificial intelligence: scoping workshop.

As announced last year, The Alan Turing Institute has received significant new funding from the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund for a research programme in AI for Science, Engineering, Health, and Government. A key theme of this will include a cross-cutting effort to develop tools, practices, and systems to support all areas of the programme and, more broadly, to wider research in applied data science and AI. A user-centred approach will be taken when creating these tools to ensure they are of practical use to researchers with a clear potential user-community among the Institute’s challenge domains.

This scoping workshop will bring together data science and AI researchers to collaboratively propose and define short, practical projects that will be supported under this theme. Following the workshop, attendees will develop these into more concrete project outlines which will then considered by the management board for the programme.