The phylogeny of fossil whip spiders

Additional files for the publication The phylogeny of fossil whip spiders, published in BMC Evolutionary Biology. 

Additional file 1.  File format: .vaxml (see [38]). Title: Tomographic reconstruction of  Graeophonus anglicus Pocock, 1911. Description: A 3D mesh model of Graeophonus anglicus in the VAXML interchange format. 

Additional file 2.  File format: .pdf. Title: Character statements. Description: Morphological characters statements for the characters used in the current analysis. 

Additional file 3.  File format: .tnt (see [45]). Title: Cladistic matrix. Description: Cladistic matrix used in the current analysis, in a TNT ready format. 

Additional file 4. A video showing the tomographic reconstruction of Graeophonus anglicus Pocock, 1911 presented herein; inferred/reconstructed anatomy partially transparent.




CC BY 4.0