2018-05-29T02:24:10Z (GMT) by Sonia Rodríguez Luque

ToqueFlamenco: a dataset of flamenco guitar falsetas with the corresponding manual transcriptions (.mid)


This dataset contains a music collection of 15 guitar falsetas which are distributed as:

  • 9 classical and monophonic “soleares por arriba”, played by many different players throughout history. The set includes old techniques like “pulgar”, “rasgueados”, and arpeggios. All the elements have a length between 6 and 7 seconds.
  • 2 “falsetas de bulería por medio”, performed by Manolo de Huelva. [9 seconds each one]
  • Monophonic fragment corresponding to the introduction of “Nuevo Dia” by Lole y Manuel, included in “Nuevo Dia: El origen de la leyenda” published in 1975. Interpreted and composed by Manuel Molina. [30 seconds].
  • A polyphonic part of “Punta y Tacón” (Alegrías) performed by Amir-John Haddad “El Amir”, included in “9 Guitarras” and recorded in 2012. We can observe techniques like alzapúa o rasgueo.

This collection was built for a study on automatic transcription of Flamenco guitar, as part of the undergraduate thesis by Sonia Rodríguez, supervised by Emilia Gómez. The project was developed in the context of the CoFla Project (MTG-UPF).


  • Audio files [.wav] with a sample rate of 44.1kHz and a bit depth of 16 bits.
  • MIDI files including the manual transcriptions of the audio files provided above.