WInjection: whitening of data with signal injections on GW170817 data

2019-12-20T01:17:53Z (GMT) by Maurice van Putten

The MatLab/F90/bash code produces binary ZDAT.dat files of whitened GW170817 data with signal injections from LIGO *.hdf5 frames. Included is signal injection by power laws of strain with frequency. For a given search algorithm, analysis of ZDAT.dat files over different signal parameters enables extraction of a response curve as a function of energy input. This program is part of a production code to analyze LIGO runs O1 and O2, here specialized to GW170817 in a follow-up analysis to van Putten, M.H.P.M., & Della Valle, M., 2019, MNRAS 482, L46.