Wave-induced steady current data set produced at the CIEM wave flume, Hydralab III

The data set here presented reports the Wave-induced steady currents experiments done in the Barcelona CIEM flume. This experiment was part of the TA within Hydralab III. The aim of the experiments was to obtain new data of flow velocity in a large scale wave flume where the bottom boundary layer is in the turbulent regime. The measurements provide instantaneous velocity values along the vertical, offshore of the breaker line, in presence of an erodible bed and, in turn, in presence of small scale bedforms. The data is elaborated in order to obtain statistical quantities such as ensemble-averaged velocity profiles, steady velocity components, Reynolds stresses and eddy viscosity.

Due to its size, the data set can not be placed on this repository and will be provided on demand. Please contact with the authors or with the data manager of the CIEM installation.

More information can be found on the published papers:

Scandura, P and Foti, E., 2011. Measurements of wave-induced steady currents outside the surf zone. Journal of Hydraulic Research, Vol. 49, 64-71