Wideband I/Q Recording at VU2PTT for 40m Ham Radio Band during August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse in USA - PART 2

2018-06-11T07:00:05Z (GMT) by Rajagopal, Prasad

Recorded by Prasad Rajagopal, VU2PTT in Bangalore, India

Location:  Latitude 12°58'24.8"N,  Longitude 77°39'15.7"E

Grid Locator: MK82tx

Recorded using Skimmer Server & CWSL File

Playback: Each time stamped I/Q file is a 15 minute slice and can be played back with HDSDR software

Antenna was a full size 1/4 wave vertical on 40m (7 MHz)

Receiver was a QS1R SDR capable of simultaneously recording 7 bands @ 192 kHz bandwidth