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AVR: Abstractly Verifying Reachability

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posted on 21.02.2020, 04:45 by Aman Goel, Karem Sakallah

Accepted artifact for the TACAS 2020 paper - AVR: Abstractly Verifying Reachability
The artifact evaluates the tool AVR presented in the paper.

The artifact consists of a total of 12 experiments that can be executed one 
by one to evaluate the different aspects of the tool AVR and support the 
paper contents.

The set of experiments in the artifact attempts towards a thorough evaluation 
of the key concepts presented in the paper.

Includes experimental evaluation of :
-> case studies 1 & 2                                                (Section 4.1 & 4.2)    (Experiment 1-6)
-> case study 3: verifying distributed protocols         (Section 4.3)             (Experiment 7-8)
-> frontends, techniques and utilities                        (Section 3.1)             (Experiment 1-12)
-> certificates                                                            (Section 3.2)             (Experiment 1-12)
-> proof race                                                             (Section 3.3)             (Experiment 10-11)

Check the Readme.txt for more details on how to run the artifact.
Check the License.txt for license information.

The tool is available on github - https://github.com/aman-goel/avr
The artifact is maintained on github - https://github.com/aman-goel/tacas20ae