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2D CRM Datasets for Multiscale Interactions.

posted on 12.07.2018, 00:00 by Brenowitz, Noah Domino

These are the datasets analyzed in the submitted manuscript titled "The Multiscale Impacts of Organized Convection in Global 2D cloud-resolving Models". These datasets were generated using a version of the  System for Atmospheric Modeling that saves information for the different terms in budgets of the model state.

The files contained in this archive are in tar.gz format. The tarballs are named based on the date of the simulation rather than the names referred to in the manuscript. This table gives the correspondence between these two:

QSTRAT: 2018-05-12-A
Control: 2018-05-13-A
LW: 2018-05-12-C
NoRain: 2018-05-15-NoRevap.SfcHomo.Rad1.5

Each archive contains full resolution 2D snapshots, the coarse-grained budgets, and all the parameter files used by SAM.