Bead tracking experimental ground truth for studying size segregation in bedload sediment transport

Video sequences to study size segregation in bedload transport were recorded. Experiments consisted in mixtures of two-size spherical glass beads entrained by a turbulent supercritical free surface water flow over a mobile bed. The aim is to track all beads over time to obtain trajectories, particle velocities and concentrations, for studying bedload granular rheology, size segregation and associated morphology.

This upload consists in :

  • a 1000-frame experimental image sequence recorded at 130 fps with approximately 400 beads per frame (about 300 coarse and 100 small beads). The image resolution is 1280x320;
  • the ground truth in the directory \result . It was obtained based on a tracking algorithm with subsequent expert modification. The tracking algorithm was developed by H. Lafaye de Micheaux et al. The code implementing the tracking algorithm is available on The ground truth is a '.mat' file containing in particular the variable 'trackData' being a cell array of tracking matrices. There is one tracking matrix for each image of the sequence. Complete information on data format is given in the file readme.txt in the github BeadTracking package.
  • In addition it contains three files allowing the user to run the BeadTracking package specifically on the experimental sequence :
    • sequence_param.txt : parameter file
    • sequence_base_mask.tif : to remove the base
    • template_transparent_bead_rOut10_rIn6.mat : a template for bead detection