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CORE inter-annual forced ocean ice simulation using E3SMv0-HiLAT-tx0.3v2 (HiLAT03)

posted on 31.07.2020, 06:55 by Zhang, Jiaxu, Weijer, Wilbert

This data set supports the analysis presented in the manuscript: “Labrador Sea freshening linked to Beaufort Gyre freshwater release” (LA-UR-20-20936), which is under review for publication by Nature Communications. The model output is from a 186-year long simulation with the E3SMv0-HiLAT code that was described in the technical report: “An eddy-permitting ocean-sea ice general circulation model (E3SMv0-HiLAT03): Description and evaluation” (LA-UR-19-25177; doi: 10.2172/1542803), by Zhang et al.. The ocean and sea ice components are active, and their grid is configured with a nominal 0.3 degree horizontal resolution. The model is forced by an atmospheric data set that represents the atmospheric state from 1948 through 2009, and is repeated for 3 cycles.

# Data description
# Fri Jul 24 16:55:12 MDT 2020
# Contacts: Jiaxu Zhang (jiaxuzh@uw.edu) and Wilbert Weijer (wilbert@lanl.gov)
Simulation length: 186 years
Simulation machine: LANL HPC facility, on Grizzly
Case name: t32_GIAF_woa13rest_deepenNares_Griz
Time range: 012101-018612 (corresponding to Jan 1948 to Dec 2009)
Grid file: gridFile/tx0.3v2_grid.nc
In the post-processed files:
pop = ocean output from POP2
mon = monthly
ann = annual mean
clim = monthly climatology
ltm = long-term annual mean
dec = decadal mean
YYYYMM-YYYYMM = time range
FastRel = Fast release case, corresponding to the 016001-017212 period
FastAcc = Fast accumulation case, corresponding to the 017301-018512 period
NH = data only contain the Northern Hemisphere

Similarly, there are files for "BG" (Beaufort Gyre), "Davis_Strait", "Fram_Strait", "Labrador_Sea", "Labrador_Sea_Outflow", "Lancaster_Sound", and "Nares_Strait". These regions are illustrated in Figure 1 of the manuscript.

Variable names:
SALT = salinity
UES = East flux of SALT
UVEL = Zonal Velocity
VNS = North flux of SALT
VVEL = Meridional velocity
DYE01 = dye tracer that tags the Beaufort Gyre freshwater (from surface to the reference salinity of 34.6)
DSALT01 = salt tracer that tags the Beaufort Gyre salinity (from surface to the reference salinity of 34.6)
UE_DSALT01 = East flux of DSALT01
VN_DSALT01 = North flux of DSALT01

In the transport folder:
File names: transport.[StraitName].012101-018612.txt
Content: Diagnosed transport at a specific strait.
Structure: 4 columns are
1. Model time (days since 0001-01)
2. Volume transport (Sv)
3. Heat transport (PW)
4. Liquid freshwater transport (mSv)
For all the transports, positive is poleward, negative is equatorward.

File names: [CaseName].transport.BG_portion.[StraitName].txt
Content: Diagnosed BG-sourced transport at a specific strait for either FastRel or FastAcc case.
Structure: 8 columes are
1. Model time (days since 0001-01)
2. Volume transport (Sv)
3. Liquid freshwater transport (mSv)
4. Validation data, please ignore
5. Validation data, please ignore
6. Volume transport sourced from BG alone (Sv)
7. Liquid freshwater transport sourced from BG alone (mSv)
8. Validation data, please ignore