Coarse-grained Near-global Aqua-planet Simulation with Computed Dynamical Tendencies

2019-04-03T05:09:04Z (GMT) by Brenowitz, Noah

This dataset includes the coarse-grained 3D state of the near-global CRM simulations (NG-Aqua). The simulation is run at a 4km resolution using the System for Atmospheric Modeling (SAM)

A dataset derived from the same simulation is included at the 10.5281/zenodo.1226370. This current posting supplements this dataset with the dynamical tendencies for total water and liquid-ice potential temperature, respectively given by FQT and FSLI. These are computed by initializing SAM run at a 160km resolution with the coarse-grained fields from NG-Aqua; evolving the state forward for 10 30 second time steps; saving the output; and finally computing the difference with the initial condition.