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Determinants of energy futures - a scenario discovery method applied to cost and carbon emission futures for South American electricity infrastructure

posted on 24.01.2020, 20:42 by Nandi Moksnes, Julie Rozenberg, Oliver Broad, Constantinos Taliotis, Mark Howells, Holger Rogner

Scenario discovery SAMBA data files:

1)  The folder SAMBA_324_datafiles.zip contains all 324 data files for the OSeMOSYS run.
    Each of these files has a code on top referring to the combination that it represents.
    The key to the levers is in the Excel file "Metafile". There the naming convention of technologies as well as corresponding  combination for scenario are also available.
2)  The Access database Scenario_discovery_database.mbd contans results from the 324 runs.
    The key to the scenarios are in the Excel file "Metafile" tab "Scenario_key".
3)  The file OSeMOSYS_SAMBA_161130.txt is the version OSeMOSYS that was used to run all scenarios.
4)  The PRIM analysis is available on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/NMoksnes/Scenario_discovery