ECLIPS 1.1 - European CLimate Index ProjectionS database

2020-01-08T15:34:48Z (GMT) by Dobor, Laura Hlásny, Tomas

Based on the available bias corrected regional climate model results, which were created under the CORDEX project we calculated several climate indices both for past and future. (

This database contains ascii files for climate index maps with a horizontal resolution of 0.11 degree ( on a regular grid ) for Europe.

Five GCM-RCM pairs for RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios are available for three future periods: 2041-2060, 2061-2080,  2081-2100 and one past period :1961-1990

Additionally multi-model mean maps are available for the period 1961-1990 as a reference.

The attached document gives information about the calculated indices and climate models ( Research paper is in prep.)

21 zip files covers the database: 5-5 for each RCP scenarios (1 for each model) + 1 for the past period.

File name conventions:

(GCM and RCM names are following the CORDEX name conventions)