2020-07-31T06:00:12Z (GMT) by Ching, H.Y.V.

This zip folder contains the raw EPR data and MATLAB processing scripts for the EPR results that appear in:

J G. Pipintakos, H.Y.V. Ching, H. Soenen, P. Sjövall, U. Mühlich, S. Van Doorslaer, A. Varveri, W. Van den bergh, X. Lu, “Experimental investigation of the oxidative ageing mechanisms in bitumen”, Constr Build Mater., 2020, 260, 119702.


Brief explanation of the files and samples can be found in “readme.docx” in each subfolder. The relevant EPR and spectral parameters that are obtained are compiled in “SpinCounting.xlsx”. Other experimental details can be found within the paper.