FM IQ sampling from balloonsat

posted on 16.09.2020 by Collins, Kristina, Xyla Foxlin, Joseph Maydell, Benjamin Kaufman

This is the data from a balloonsat launched on September 14th 2020 from Carter Park in Bowling Green, Ohio, which ascended to approximately 112,000 feet. The payload was recovered in North Fairfield, Ohio.

The Digital RF data in ch0.zip was collected by an RTL-SDR connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B+, using topblock.py, created with GNU Radio Companion. The antenna used was a dipole antenna base with 13cm telescopic antennas (probably should have used longer antennas, but the shorter ones were used to prevent fouling with the lines.) 

The objective of this experiment was to record stations in the low end of the FM broadcast spectrum (90-92 MHz) during the balloon's ascent.

The files Crown Space Odyssey.x contain the sensor data from the Eagle flight computer. Time stamps are GMT. All data is metric. The .xlsx file includes data plots. The .csv file is the raw data as saved by the flight computer.

This balloonsat launch was sponsored by High Altitude Science.