February 2017 Western Turkey Earthquake Swarm Sentinel-1 TOPS Differential Interferogram (20170131-20170212)

2017-02-15T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Roccheggiani Matteo

In february 2017 a series of earthquakes affected the Biga Peninsula in Western Turkey. Over 350 buildings sustained extensive damage. The seismic events occurred at the intersection of the Kestanbol Fault and the Edremit Fault Zone. The Sentinel-1 TOPS co-seismic interferogram was generated with the ESA SNAP toolbox (http://step.esa.int/).

S1A data were downloaded from the Sentinel-1 Scientific Data Hub: S1A_20170131-S1A_20170212 from ASCENDING orbit 131.





CC BY 4.0