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Forró em Vinil Dataset

posted on 12.10.2020 by Felipe

In the work described in the paper Measuring disruption in song similarity networks, Falcão et al. developed a study of disruption measurement over a collection of a Brazilian music tradition called Forró.

This dataset contains all the audio information used during analysis. 27,352 audio files were used to build a song similarity network, from which disruption information was derived.

list_songs.txt and list_features.txt contain an indexed list of all the audio files analysed and their MFCC-based feature vectors, respectivelly. Data from both files can be mapped by using the indexes (i.e., the i-eth line in list_features.txt refers to the feature vector for the i-eth song informed by list_songs.txt)

Similiarity Network.txt contains the similarity network built according to the similarities calculated between the feature vectors. The network is presented in a GEXF (Graph Exchange XML Format) format, and can be visualized with softwares like Gephi.

Disruption Ranking.txt summarizes the Disruption Indexes of all songs, in ascending order.