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Gut microbiota of wild arboreal and ground-feeding tropical primates

posted on 25.03.2020 by Barelli, Claudia, Albanese, Davide

16S rRNA gene and ITS sequences from fecal samples of 12 groups of Udzungwa (Tanzania) red colobus Procolobus gordonorum (total number of samples: 89), and five groups of yellow baboon Papio cynocephalus (total number of samples: 69).

The dataset consists of the following files:

  • 16S_raw.tar: raw 16S rRNA gene sequences;
  • 16S_filtered.fasta.gz: merged, adapter trimmed and quality filtered 16S rRNA gene sequences;
  • 16S_ID.txt: 16S file ID to sample ID mapping;
  • ITS_raw.tar: raw ITS sequences;
  • ITS_filtered.fasta.gz: merged, adapter trimmed and quality filtered ITS sequences;
  • ITS_ID.txt: ITS file ID to sample ID mapping;
  • Metadata.tsv: sample metadata.