Hypothesis: E=mc^2 Supports Vector-Tensor-Scalar Geometry When Einstein's Relativistic Energy–Momentum Equation Describes Electromagnetic And Gravitational Energy As Excitation Of Photons And Gravitons By Shock Waves

2020-01-18T16:50:45Z (GMT) by Bartlett, Rodney

Children ask questions. But when an adult sees something that contradicts what they learned in school or university, they have a tendency not to ask questions but to dismiss the contradiction as wrong (however interesting it might be). For example - the adults know E=mc^2 describes the energy content of matter. So when they see matter proposed to be the product of gravitons and photons, they assume that must be wrong because they also assume that interaction must involve motion of the gravitons and photons (and E=mc^2 applies to objects at rest, as the following from the Appendix to the video “Lorentz Transform” states at https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:ANUx+ANU-ASTRO3x+1T2016/courseware/6b67d03ef68a45e3884582f1bd9fb209/bd7ab7dc1d524443b55b4661282cb53d/10?activate_block_id=block-v1:ANUx+ANU-ASTRO3x+1T2016+type@problem+block@90d40c1042cf4063a9b6c24c3da116d8) - 

"As you can imagine, using the Lorentz transform will mess up conservation of energy and momentum, if you use the standard equations (e.g. kinetic energy E=1/2mv2). So you need new equations - most famously (the relativistic energy-momentum equation) E2=m02c4+p2c2 (where p is the momentum and m0 the rest mass) which for objects at rest, boils down to the famous E=m0c2." (formulas don't come out right when superscript and subscript aren't available)

I'll start with a brief description of the geometry's basics, then propose that E=mc^2 supports vector-tensor-scalar geometry when Einstein’s relativistic energy–momentum equation describes electromagnetic and gravitational energy as excitation of photons and gravitons by shock waves.