Measuring similarity between gene interaction profiles

This repository contains the following:

Original genetic interaction score matrices for the genes. Also contains a binarized version of this data based on a threshold of 0.05, for use in the binary distance measures.

The distance measure matrices that were calculated based on the genetic interaction score matrices; Pearson, Maryland bridge, Ochiai, and Braun-Blanquet matrices for the one-square case and the same for the two-squares case.

Lists of all the genes used.

Lists of modules for each of the eight distance measure matrices, with the genes for each.

Summary statistics for the two-squares distance matrices, network and module summary statistics for the two-squares modules, and stats on how many modules for each of the eight different module clusterings could be mapped to subnetworks found in Tong et al. (reference 14 in the paper).

A figure containing distribution of distance measure values for the two-square distance matrices.

View the readme file for full details.