Middle Dutch syllabified words

2020-01-04T04:41:44Z (GMT) by Haverals, Wouter

Specifics of the data:

  • Text file containing 43,703 syllabified Middle Dutch words, taken from the Corpus Van Reenen-Mulder. This database, created by Pieter van Reenen en Maaike Mulder at the Free University Amsterdam, contains about 2,500 Middle Dutch Middle Dutch. It has about 750,000 tokens. The charters were written in the Netherlands and Flanders between 1300 and 1400.
  • The 43,703 syllabified words in this list is the total amount of unique words from the Corpus Van Reenen-Mulder. This number, however, is an approximation due to the fact that some words contain diacritic symbols to indicate abbreviations, clitics, or unclear parts in the original charter. These words were disregarded when assembling the data.
  • A dash-symbol (-) is used as separator.