Modulation of Aleurone Peroxidases in Insect-Resistant Maize Kernels (Zea mays L.; P84C3R) After Mechanical and Insect Damage

MS/MS spectra of proteins from insect-resistant endosperms, which were purified using ion-exchange chromatogragy . The data set contains the raw data, the *.mzML and the *.mgf files. 

The acquisition of the data is described in: L. Margarita López-Castillo, Alán González-Leyzaola, M. Fernanda DíazFlores-Rivera, Robert Winkler, Natalie Wielsch  and Silverio García-Lara. 2020. "Modulation of Aleurone Peroxidases in Kernels of Insect-Resistant Maize (Zea mays L.; Pob84-C3R) After Mechanical and Insect Damage". 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science. Publication pending.